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call me now FAQ

who? Call Me Now! is a project developed for/oriented to contemporary black artists working across a variety of media and locations. Anyone who self-identifies as a contemporary black artist is welcome to participate.

what? Call Me Now! seeks to create opportunities for black artists to connect to and support one another. In the tradition of XXXX Call me now advocates black artists making their needs and voices visible/heard via a dedicated social forum/usable/democratic/non-hierarchal/digital/social formXXXXXX so that a responsive and engaged community/weXXXX may match resources with needs and identify lackXXXXXx.

when? now and forever

where? everywhere! By using a toll free phone number and the globally accessible social media platforms call me now is accessible to anyone who can access the internet/phone.

how? Call Me Now! The project operates at an intersection of the childhood game telephone, the outmoded multi-caller party lines popular in the 80’s, and Occupy Wall Street’s people’s mic. ‘call me now’ is an opportunity to engage differing technological/communication platforms in an effort to take a snapshot of the voices/ideas of black artists working now.

the project includes: advertisement, implementation, and exposition. We begin ‘call me now’ by advertising the toll-free number and goals digitally via social media platforms/websites and physically via traditional mailing/papering campaigns. Implementation will find the phone-line active for six months, during which time we record/log all the calls and periodically post on social media detailing calls received, helping to maintain and grow interest. Finally, for exposition we will determine the best digital/analog publishing platforms to re-present and distribute voicemails received.

The hotline’s success is greatly determined by the audience’s participation and willingness to engage in community building and support.

The hotline asks what is a community?

why? Call me now/18884BLKART works against the idea of a monolith and tokenism to connect artists in disparate locations outside of centers, represent/reflect in real time a variety of different kinds of needs of a variety of working black artists. Acknowledge the variety of needs that exist that are not being met, could easily be met.

tracking needs can be a powerful tool to begin to address the issues that are the most pressing for the majority of working artists.